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West wall repointing photos added

I've finally uploaded some photos of the cracks in the west wall of the south aisle that have been repointed to allow us to monitor their movement and also to protect the wall from further weather damage. These photos were taken in November and December last year before and after the repointing with lime mortar.

Raise the Roof - First Steps

The first meeting of the 'Raise the Roof' group will meet in the 'Blakc Horse' on Tuesday 9th March at 8pm. The aim of the group is to assist with fundraising for the rethatching of All Saints' Church which is going to take place next year, as part of a larger restoration project. It is hoped that the group will be formed from members of the PCC and the Friends of All Saints as well as including others from the village that wish to see our beautiful building kept open for worship and fulfill its place in the local community.

This blog will keep you up to date with all the latest news about the Raise the Roof group and its events and activities as well as provide information about the larger restoration project.

Restoration Update - January 2009

Just before Christmas All Saints’ PCC received an offer of a grant from English Heritage for the repairs to the west wall of the South Aisle and re-thatching of the Nave. At the PCC meeting on 12th January a motion was passed to accept this offer and sign the grant contract.

The English Heritage grants are organised in to two year long sections; the first year (stage one) consists of project development and investigatory activities for which we are being offered a grant of £20,000 from an estimated total cost of £27,265. Stage two comprises the main repair work, including the re-thatching and we have an ‘in-principle’ offer of a grant of £112,000 towards the total cost of £176,695. This second stage funding is contingent on the successful completion of stage one. These figures include VAT however most of the VAT incurred can be recouped via the Listed Places of Worship Scheme.

The schedule of work comprises the following:

Stage One: Project development work (2010)

  • Opening up of nave eaves, ceiling and junction of south aisle roof, inspection by architects and associated scaffolding etc
  • Bat investigation and report
  • Conservation Report
  • Access Audit

Excluding the reclaimed VAT and English Heritage grant, this leaves an initial estimated cost of £3327 for the work carried out in 2010.

Stage Two: Repairs (2011)

  • Repair to south aisle masonry including moving organ and internal re-plastering
  • Re-thatching nave roof, repair to tiled margins, timber and plasterwork
  • Re-slating south aisle roof, associated timber repairs and replacement of plastic guttering and drainpipes in cast iron
  • Repair and re-glaze west window in the south aisle

Excluding the reclaimed VAT and English Heritage grant, this leaves an initial estimated shortfall in funding of £38,379 which will need to be raised from further grant applications and fundraising efforts.