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Friends of Rampton Church

Bell Ringing

Church Lands Charity



Raise the Roof

We are excited to announce that we have received a large grant from English Heritage towards the restoration work needed for the roof and south aisle. For more details see Raise the Roof –
First meeting: 9th March 8pm @ ‘Black Horse’

A Word Of Welcome

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All Saints’ serves the small village of Rampton in Cambridgeshire and has an active congregation led by our Priest-in-Charge, Kylie Hodgins, which manages a surprising amount of activity for its size. We support, Traidcraft, Christian Aid and sundry other good causes. We also do the traditional village church activities Summer Fete, Harvest Supper, and the like.

Our Sunday service is currently held at 4.30pm.

On the first and third Sundays of the month the service is held in the church and is a fairly traditional Anglican Communion service; we have hymns, prayers, bible readings and a talk, followed by Communion. The service last about an hour.

On the second and fourth Sundays we meet in the Village Hall for Church Lite. This is church, but probably not as you know it! The atmosphere is relaxed and informal; there are instruments for the children to play during the singing, and the music, readings, prayers and talk is planned with the whole family in mind. This service lasts about forty minutes.

On fifth Sundays we join with our sister-parish, Cottenham for their regular worship at 10.30am.

Finally, if you like the quaint and historic, we are the only thatched Church in Cambridgeshire still in regular use. We have been here since at least 1092 and we reckon that we are here to stay.

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* Ben Tregenna, Churchwarden