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We are excited to announce that we have received a large grant from English Heritage towards the restoration work needed for the roof and south aisle. For more details see Raise the Roof –
First meeting: 9th March 8pm @ ‘Black Horse’


Church Lands Charity

Brief History: Originally two village charities were joined together under a Charity Commissioners scheme, but the Church Lands Charity was separated out by an order of the Commissioners dated April 4 1902. The Charity was registered with the Charity Commissioners under Section 4 of the 1960 Charity Act and was entered in the Central Register of Charities in May 1981.

Trustees: As laid down in the above order “The Rector and Churchwardens for the time being of the Parish of Rampton shall be the Trustees of the Church Lands Charity.”

Trustees as of 2008:

  • Mrs J Middleton, (Churchwarden)
  • Dr B K Tregenna (Churchwarden)
  • Ms P Wayman

Object of the Charity: As defined in a Charity Commissioners scheme dated May 17 1878. “The clear amount of the annual rents, profits, and income of this Charity shall be applied by the Trustees primarily in or towards the current expenses of the maintenance and repair of the fabric of the Parish Church (All Saints) of Rampton, and subject thereto in or towards defraying the expenses of the maintenance of the said Church. The remainder of the said income which shall not be expended providing for the objects aforsaid shall be accumulated and invested by the Trustees, so as to form a reserve fund for the extraordinary reparation or improvement of the said Church.” The scheme also states that, “The appropriation of the benefits of the said Charity shall be made by the Trustees from time to time at meetings of their body, and not by any individual Trustee or Trustees.”

Location of Land: On leaving Rampton towards Willingham the property is situated on the right hand side of the road and starts at approximately the last house and extends to level with the house on the bend on the lefthand side of the road.

Year & Letting Period: Starts 1st October and ends September 30th

Extent of Land: Approximately 41 Roods (10.25 Acres) Number of Tenants: 3 Number of Plots Let: 10 Number of Vacant Plots: 0 Number on Waiting List: 2