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Raise the Roof

We are excited to announce that we have received a large grant from English Heritage towards the restoration work needed for the roof and south aisle. For more details see Raise the Roof –
First meeting: 9th March 8pm @ ‘Black Horse’


Image Galleries


A variety of photos of the interior and exterior architecture of the church

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Photos that don’t easily fit into one category or another!

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Pancake Races 2006

Some photos from the very first pancake races to be held on village green.

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West Wall – Repointing

A few photos of the cracks in the west wall of the south aisle before and after the repointing work carried out in December 2009. This work will enable us to monitor future movement of the wall and protect the cracked areas from further weather damage.

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Cara’s Christening

Some pictures of Cara Tregenna’s Christening in the Church on 26th July.

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